Everyone is a Leader

What makes a leader and how things have changed since working from home has become the new normal.

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Blog - Everyone is a Leader

How to Empower Employees with Questions

Asking the right questions in any situation can help highlight a need. The same is true for bringing the best out of employees. How do we approach this?

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Is An Empty Inbox a Worthwhile Goal?

With our inboxes becoming increasingly full and demand for reply, ever higher, what can we do to reduce our inbox and therefore our stress levels?

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File It!

How full is your inbox? Would you like to get it to zero? It’s not always obvious what you should do with every email or letter you receive. Let’s talk…

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Blog - File It!

Focus On Just One Thing

There are times when we all end up getting stuck with outstanding tasks or challenges, things that stop us moving forward. What can you do to ensure we can progress more effectively?

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The Impact of Boredom at Work

Do you find you or your staff are having trouble concentrating? Perhaps your team are away from their desk a lot. Boredom can be a real problem, so what can we do?

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Blog - The Impact of Boredom at Work

Organisational Culture in a Post-Pandemic Workplace

With the worldwide pandemic, there have been many changes in the workplace. How has your organization changed and what is the new normal?

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Challenging Questions Sell

Why do salespeople focus on the wrong thing? What’s the right thing to focus on? Let’s discuss.

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Blog - Challenging Questions Sell

Relationships Lead to Sales

All of us want people to do work for us who we can trust. We don’t want to take a chance on someone we don’t know - someone without whom we already have a relationship – Can that work in the world of selling?

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Blog - Relationships Lead to Sales

Why Sales Calls Will Never Be the Same Again

Online sales meetings have caught many people off-guard. All sales are based on trust. The bigger the deal, the more trust is needed – can this high level of trust be achieved in a video call?

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