Why Sales Calls Will Never Be the Same Again

Online sales meetings have caught many people off-guard. All sales are based on trust. The bigger the deal, the more trust is needed – can this high level of trust be achieved in a video call?

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Why You Usually Say “Yes” When You Should Say “No”

At some point, we all chose to say “yes” because to it was more favorable to do so, even if to begin with, we really wanted to say no. To look at this another way, you felt less pain to change your mind – you’ve been persuaded. Want to know more?

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Leadership, and the Lack of It

We’re living in challenging times. Not many months ago, the world was turned upside down. Leaders are expected to know what they want, and then to figure out a way to get there even in these times – What kind of leadership is required right now?

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Blog - Leadership, and the Lack of It

Strategies for Effective Communication in the Post-Pandemic Workplace

Why is so much communication ineffective? In these post- or nearly-post pandemic times, with so much remote working will communication be easier? Better? Or Worse?

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How to Promote Teamwork

Teams have very specific characteristics that separate them from working groups and produce very different results. What turns a group into a team, and at what point does a team cease to be so and become a group instead?

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Blog - How to Promote Teamwork

Why You’re Probably Not Leading, and How to Fix It

Many people are in a leadership position while not actually leading. They are a leader in name only. Could that include you?

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Blog - Why You’re Probably Not Leading, and How to Fix It

A Multitude of Counselors

No one has a corner on good ideas, no one is always right. If we rely purely on our own thinking we might end up in trouble. There’s wisdom in a multitude of counselors or to put it another way, there’s folly in the absence of them.

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Leadership: The Greatest Calling

Whether leaders are born or made is irrelevant. If you have that ability, then you’re obligated to develop it and to exercise it. Leadership is always an activity. It’s something that you do. It’s never a job title or even a job description. You have to lead as you were intended to lead. It is an extraordinary privilege to influence the lives of others for good.

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Stop Worrying!

Whether the times are at their very worst or best, worrying about what might happen is one of the most destructive things that you can do. That’s because it’s a paralyzing emotion. It interferes with your ability to think and shuts off any ideas you might have about what action to take.

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Blog - Stop Worrying!

Be More Effective at Working from Home

This blog is to promote The Remote Work Survival Kit, a crowdsourced effort to help people and organisations with remote working at this time of acute need - the reasoning is that the better people are able to do this the more effective it will be and the better the outcome for society, with less risk of the rapid spread of disease which benefits everyone.

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Blog - Be More Effective at Working from Home