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CEOs As Leaders

Blog - CEOs As Leaders

Fundamentally, two things can be said about Chief Executive Officers, better known as CEOs. The first is that they carry the responsibility to provide direction for their organisations, whether those entities are private or public. Direction is generally thought of in terms of vision and leadership. Vision is the unreachable horizon - the pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow, and leadership is the demonstrable expression - the proof - of what each one needs to do to reach it.

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Why Do We Have Managers?

Blog - Why Do We Have Managers?

Have you ever wondered why organizations have managers? Maybe you assumed that because there was always something to manage that the position had existed formally or informally since forever. They’ve always been there, in your lifetime anyway, and you probably can’t think of a period in history long before you when they didn’t exist. You may not be aware, however, there was a time when managers as we know them today didn’t exist. That’s right. There were no managers of ...

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How To Be The Manager Everyone Wants To Work For

Blog - How To Be The Manager Everyone Wants To Work For

Wouldn’t it be great if people applied to work for your organization because they wanted you to be their boss? Wouldn’t it be a testament to your skill as a manager if people asked to be put on a waiting list for vacancies where you work so that they could have you as their supervisor? This may sound like a pie-in-the-sky; even cloud-cuckoo land, but the truth is that there is much that you can do to become the person that people want to work for. And the tragedy is that so m...

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How To Promote Employee Well-Being And Avoid Burnout

Blog - How To Promote Employee Well-Being And Avoid Burnout

Today, the vast majority of managers are concerned about the well-being of their staff. Apart from the empathy they feel for their personal suffering, they’re also concerned about diminishing productivity. Although employees generally get more done when they work from home, widespread illness can mean that a relative few number of them have to shoulder the workload by themselves. This inhibits their ability to cope with what would be considered the normal stresses of life and productivity at w...

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How To Create A Talent “Stable” That Solves Your Temporary Staff Shortages

Blog - How To Create A Talent “Stable” That Solves Your Temporary Staff Shortages

“Instead of looking for the ideal candidate - the one that has all the skill and the experience that you want - you look for people who have only some of it. They could have, for example, a little or a lot of skill or experience, though it wouldn’t matter because the scope of the task would be smaller than if you were looking for someone who could do everything.”

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What Do Millennials Expect?

Blog - What Do Millennials Expect?

“There’s a myth that’s been widely circulated in recent years that in reality is fake news. It’s that Millennials have expectations about work and the workplace that no previous generation has ever held. Let’s set the record straight: They’re no different in this respect than any other generation that has preceded them.”

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The Significance of Leadership Excellence in Staff Retention

Blog - The Significance of Leadership Excellence in Staff Retention

“When the employee’s organization, or division, or department - all the way down to the smallest unit in which they work - seems to them to be rudderless, or adrift, or in any other way lacks leadership, that these same people don’t know what to follow. They don’t know what you’re doing, or what to copy. Establishing leadership is crucial in any organization…”

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Job Interviews: The Worst Selection Method

Blog - Job Interviews: The Worst Selection Method

There is no perfect system. Whatever method or combination of methods you use, you must be aware of the pitfalls and biases of all of them. There is no method that will give you the best candidate every time. However, the care that you put in to remove bias will improve your choice.

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When Is A Team Not A Team?

Blog - When Is A Team Not A Team?

Teams are successful, not just because they have a shared purpose, or even because they are the right size but because they tend to work well because the members like one another, and they like one another enough to want to spend time together. However, you'll find in dysfunctional teams the team leaders often forget their purpose - which is to keep everyone on track; not to lord authority over them.

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Workplace Stress at Home

Blog - Workplace Stress at Home

The new normal is working from home, and that means that workplace stress has come home too. It’s in your power to reduce that stress by supporting your people as much as possible and making this your number one priority.

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