What changes in your organisation would create the greatest advantage for you?


The cost of getting the selection wrong could be as high as seven times the annual salary, if not more

Coach or Train

What skills do your people need to make the greatest sustainable improvement?

Are you frustrated by slow growth?

Low productivity, weak employee engagement and out-of-date recruitment methods are three factors that could be slowing your business growth.

Growth Consultancy

Prescription before diagnosis is called malpractice so our Rapid Business and People Review Process is often what kickstarts consultancy engagements. Whether you are considering ways to reduce cost, improve performance, increase profitability, or influence behaviour change to become more effective, you will need to begin with some form of inquiry.     

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Not finding the right people?

Almost every business says that one of its biggest challenges is finding the right staff. As your business grows you need people with a wider skill set, or with a different perspective. Searching for and selecting the best candidate is time-consuming and full of risk. Hiring the wrong person can cost – hugely.


We find you the Top talent. The top 10% to 25% of performers available in any given role.

We only partner with clients. We do not work on behalf of candidates. Our scientific selection approach will decrease the demand on your time significantly and clearly identify if any candidate can perform as A Player in your role and if they will fit into your culture

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Not enough leaders?

During the early years of a start-up, a handful of people run everything. Technically gifted people that deliver outstanding quality, work night and day on execution to build a client base. As new roles are created managing staff becomes a great proportion of the job. Ineffective leadership skills leads to people problems, less discretionary effort, or dysfunctional teams delaying deliverables and capping growth.

Personalised Leadership Coaching

Employee engagement, alignment, development, retention, and succession are the holy grails great leaders and companies seek. If you knew there was one assessment that could accurately measure and predict your manager’s ability to effectively engage, coach, and develop their people and teams you would use it wouldn’t you? If you could find your real leaders and accelerate their development with an exceptional structured coaching programme you would exploit it, wouldn’t you?

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