What changes in your organisation would create the greatest advantage for you?


The cost of getting the selection wrong is at least three, if not seven times salary

Coach or Train

What skills do your people need to make the greatest sustainable improvement?

How To Create A Talent “Stable” That Solves Your Temporary Staff Shortages

“Instead of looking for the ideal candidate - the one that has all the skill and the experience that you want - you look for people who have only some of it. They could have, for example, a little or a lot of skill or experience, though it wouldn’t matter because the scope of the task would be smaller than if you were looking for someone who could do everything.”

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What Do Millennials Expect?

“There’s a myth that’s been widely circulated in recent years that in reality is fake news. It’s that Millennials have expectations about work and the workplace that no previous generation has ever held. Let’s set the record straight: They’re no different in this respect than any other generation that has preceded them.”

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The Significance of Leadership Excellence in Staff Retention

“When the employee’s organization, or division, or department - all the way down to the smallest unit in which they work - seems to them to be rudderless, or adrift, or in any other way lacks leadership, that these same people don’t know what to follow. They don’t know what you’re doing, or what to copy. Establishing leadership is crucial in any organization…”

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Job Interviews: The Worst Selection Method

There is no perfect system. Whatever method or combination of methods you use, you must be aware of the pitfalls and biases of all of them. There is no method that will give you the best candidate every time. However, the care that you put in to remove bias will improve your choice.

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When Is A Team Not A Team?

Teams are successful, not just because they have a shared purpose, or even because they are the right size but because they tend to work well because the members like one another, and they like one another enough to want to spend time together. However, you'll find in dysfunctional teams the team leaders often forget their purpose - which is to keep everyone on track; not to lord authority over them.

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Workplace Stress at Home

The new normal is working from home, and that means that workplace stress has come home too. It’s in your power to reduce that stress by supporting your people as much as possible and making this your number one priority.

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Know, Like and Trust: A Meaningless Mantra?

Just because people know, like and trust you now, doesn’t mean that they always will. You have to earn it every day. As long as you remember that, the relationships that you have with those who work for you, and those for whom you work, will grow.

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Is HR really necessary?

The traditional concept of a human resources department is nearly extinct. This is due to the fact that nearly all of its administration can be outsourced. The remaining responsibilities - the ones that are of strategic importance - should be handled at the managerial level, and junior people should be trained in business concepts so that they can grow into those roles.

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Organizing for the Future

As we have all found out recently, the future can be upon us much sooner than expected. This means instead of organising around some predicted event, you need create a structure versatile enough to respond to any given situation you may find your business in.

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How to Fill Skill Shortages

Skills are becoming more vital, and we are beginning to see a shortage. The problem existed pre-pandemic but the new working from home culture has made it more present. In order to fill your shortages you need to identify what you lack now and in the foreseeable future either by outsourcing, multi-skilling and re-skilling or re-training. By choosing an effective path, whichever your preference, you will always be one step ahead of the competition.

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