What changes in your organisation would create the greatest advantage for you?


The cost of getting the selection wrong could be as high as seven times the annual salary, if not more

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What skills do your people need to make the greatest sustainable improvement?

We work with visionary leaders

We work with visionary business leaders and their teams to produce immediate and sustainable improvement in results

Every successful organisation has a vision. Developing the strategy is one thing. Making it happen is no easy task. To turn your vision into reality, every single employee needs to catch your train of thought.

If you are fed up with poor recruitment methods, weak employee engagement and low productivity and are prepared to invest in scientific selection methods and exceptional leadership coaching then it would be good to talk.

Client satisfaction, repeat business and the volume of unsolicited referrals we receive suggests that most of our clients are huge fans, giving you the confidence that we can make a significant difference for you also.

Unlocking the inside advantage to go further, faster and more profitably

The goals of working together are to create advantageous change, improve key processes, find top talent, enhance employee engagement, lift performance, address specific business challenges and develop key business skills across your team; everything you, as the business leader, need to fulfil the ambition you have for your organisation. So often the ideas and initiatives that produce the biggest improvements for clients come from within. Working inside out and bottom up is so often transformative. 

The work of Be More Effective is known for generating enthusiasm, commitment, and ownership amongst the participants. Feedback is high on both the levels of delegate satisfaction and of the tangible impact on business results.

Be More Effective has designed and delivered many mission-critical global programmes

Be More Effective has designed and delivered many mission-critical internal communication, employee engagement and business development programmes for global companies like Vodafone, Peugeot, Husqvarna, along with SEB a Global Swedish Bank and has run many bespoke training programmes, including a Sales Training Programme for all 1,500 BMW UK Dealer Salespeople.

Other clients have the vision to be global or to dominate their niche like Zappshelter, Sapphire Balconies or Maundrells. Most assignments, whether for clients large or small, tend to combine Consultancy with Leadership Coaching, Skills Training and Talent Recruitment.

Clients say that the process of working with us was highly beneficial to their business, they recouped their investment many times over and are ahead of schedule with their future plans. Not surprisingly that has generated a world-class client satisfaction score for Be More Effective, consistent repeat business over many years and a huge number of referrals. 

Our Values

Our values are at the heart of everything we do, if we can’t add value in a manner that is sustainable and effective we don’t want to be involved.

Our values are:

Enquire: Search first the diagnostic insights into what change would create the greatest immediate and sustainable advantage.

Enable: Inspire generative learning, think big, start with small tests then grow boldly.

Engage: Invite everyone’s wholehearted involvement to take well-planned, massive sustainable, courageous, and effective actions.

Enrich: Add authentic lasting value to all you say and do.

Enjoy: Savour, use, care for, multiply, and share all gifts thoroughly, cooperatively, joyfully, and respectfully

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Prescribing treatment or promising outcomes before diagnosis is called malpractice.

Whether you are considering ways to reduce cost, improve performance / profitability, or influence employee behaviour so they become more effective, you would be advised to begin with some form of an investigation


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