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How to Make Ineffective Teams Effective

Teams have been in existence for millennia. For example, until the widespread use of the internal combustion engine, teams of animals were yoked together to provide transportation of freight and people and, to this day, this method is still used in less-developed nations as well as in communities that shun modern life such as the Amish.

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What Has the Pandemic Taught Us About Working?

The pandemic, infamously referred to as Covid-19 - even though its impact wasn’t really felt until the following year or so - has profoundly changed what we now know to be true of working. It’s hard to remember what working was like beforehand. Shops opened and closed at regular hours just as they always had done. Public transport was used by those who normally commuted. Others drove to work, or bicycled, or walked.

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Is It Possible for Your Employees to Be Too Engaged?

Employee engagement has become commonplace. It’s no longer the newest term in the neighbourhood. In fact, it was first mentioned in a 1990 academic paper where the author described engaged staff as those who expressed or employed themselves in the work, and the disengaged as those who withdrew and defended themselves from it.

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Creating a Culture for Competitive Advantage

Most of what passes for competitive advantage these days is a myth, and that’s because of a phenomenon that Doris Day once sang about in the 1946 musical Annie Get Your Gun. The opening lyric is, “Anything you can do, I can do better.” And that’s about the size of it.

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Are Leaders Born or Made?

This is one of those questions that surfaces every once in a while. The late Sir Neville Marriner, founder of the Academy of St Martins-in-the-Fields, once said in an interview that music conductors were born, overlooking the fact that even he wasn’t born with a baton in his hand.

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Why Stress Is So Stressful

It has been suggested that employee stress, depression, and a lack of personal motivation were caused by the disruption the pandemic brought and the subsequent ripple effect that followed. This is false. Although it may have accelerated their impact, the ingredients were already there and, to a large extent, were producing negative outcomes in the workplace long before.

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Join us for Key Performance Training’s Launch Event – 17th June 2022

Our sister company, Key Performance Training, are delighted to announce their Launch Event on 17th June 2022 at their new dedicated training centre in Kembrey Park in Swindon.

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Why Job Satisfaction Matters

It has been suggested that job specialisation will result in low job satisfaction, which is another way of saying that people get more satisfaction from jobs that are less specialised - more general, in other words.

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Our Sister Company, Key Performance Training, Moves to New premises

Be More Effective are delighted to announce that our sister company, Key Performance Training has moved to new premises. Swindon-based Key Performance Training’s re-location to bigger premises in Kembrey Park will provide a welcome boost to the local workforce.

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Why Employment With You Is Intolerable

People often leave because they’re forced to - sacked, redundancy, or long-term illness. They also leave because they’re not happy where they are. They may want experiences they can’t get without leaving, or a promotion that’s not available in their current organisation. That said, it’s more than likely that their boss has become intolerable. What would make you - the manager - intolerable to work for? Lots of things.

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