How do you know which of your candidates is in the top 10% of their field, or a bad hire?

Ever felt that recruiting that “ideal person” is like searching for a four-leaf clover?

Good people are frustratingly hard to find plus 20% of new hires leave within 45 days.

We’ve disrupted traditional recruitment, separating emotion and bias from the selection process enabling you to make better decisions based on facts and data.

Deep insights into clients’ existing team, culture, and job specific success factors, helps clearly define who to look for. This trains the “Talent Radar” to search out only highly relevant, quality applicants saving you huge amounts of time.

Select in, not out, when considering each candidate

The scientific shortlisting process gives you confidence because it tests each candidates’ personality matching them to your current team. Rigorous video interviews are conducted and recorded by professionals to confirm their skills match your requirements. Through watching these dispassionately and analytically you will find the best four-leaf clover.  Someone who hits the ground running and stays.

Eliminate the guesswork in ensuring the cultural fit

By using Empathy Style Profiling with your current team and by creating the ideal temperament for the role you will know far more about whether an applicant will or won't fit into your team as well as the role. Teams don’t usually struggle just because of a skills gap; more often it is a personality gap. Only matching CVs to Job Descriptions leaves out one of the most important aspects of the screening process. We back up our Consultant led phone and CV screening with personality profiling and only select in the best fit for the job and the culture.

Balance your hunch with data-driven insights

Gut instinct can lead to great hires. Interviews can establish who you like while likeability doesn’t always translate to job success. To be confident a potential new hire can produce the results you require it is important to add objectivity to the talent selection process.

By using the Birkman Behaviour Based Occupational Assessment Method you add comprehensive, scientifically valid data, insights to your intuition. By bringing science and intuition together you make smarter hiring decisions.

  • Understand the unique workstyle of each applicant.
  • Discover what candidates need from you and their peers to be at their best.
  • Learn which activities motivate applicants the most.
  • Accurately compare and contrast multiple candidates to your team and role

Easy to share recorded video interviews with a professional

To save your time for only the best candidates we conduct all first interviews. Rigorous video interviews are conducted and recorded by professionals to confirm their skills match your requirements. Through watching these dispassionately and analytically with as many people as you’d like you will find the top performer that you are looking for. The recorded video gives you the option to consult both your Senior Management Peers and the wider team if you wish. After all, to so want someone who fits in, hits the ground running and stays. The more perspectives you can gain on a candidate’s suitability the more alignment and acceptance you secure for their appointment.

The all-important final stage visit

Having saved all your time and energy by not having to read 60+ CVs, conduct a dozen phone screening calls, run four first interviews you can put three to four hours into the final stage site visit and second interview. We will provide you with a guide, if required, to make the visit of the final two or three best candidates more like a mini-assessment centre. By now you know who the ideal candidate is and they know both the job, and most importantly your company is the best place for them.

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