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The cost of getting the selection wrong is at least three, if not seven times salary

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What skills do your people need to make the greatest sustainable improvement?

What Have You Learned About Employee Productivity in the Past Year?

This article looks at eight lessons which can help you to increase employee productivity and how to apply them to each individual. It is good practice to reflect on these lessons from time to time, particularly what you have learnt over the last year, and using what time you have spare to prepare yourself and others around you for another crisis like 2020.

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Suppose Today Was Your First Month As a Manager

One thing we’ve all learned in the past year is how fast life can change. Which means managing in the moment, not just for the future. But what if this was your first month in management? How quickly can you adapt and build relationships? And what if you are a well-seasoned manager? Simply put, the same principles and advice apply - because foreseeing when the next big change will happen is an impossible task.

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Sharpening the Saw

If you want your organisation to thrive financially then you must sharpen your saw and more importantly sharpen the saws of others, these are the individuals who can make that possible. Create an environment where people want to grow, and lead by example. Work smarter, not harder. (Perfect)

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Passing the Torch

The torch always gets passed through the generations eventually, as one group retires another is born. It is noticeable not only in life but in work too as the time comes for the new generation to step forward.

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The Hidden Cost of Pandemic Stress

How are you using the new normal to stand out to you customer? Are you waiting for change or are you taking charge?

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Getting Your Team to Play Together

Are successful teams all about having the best talent or are there other considerations to be taken?

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Just Because You’re Selling . . . Doesn’t Mean They’re Buying

The buying/selling process has evolved and keeps evolving. What can you do, to keep the sales going?

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Grieving for the Old Normal

The “new normal”, a phase used by many. Also, many people are not finding the sudden transition so easy. How can you, as a leader, make a difference to those struggling?

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How Not to Become a Pariah Employer

Some employers can be undesirable, disrespectful, pariah even. This blog helps face these issues and provides guidance on how to avoid straying into negative situations.

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The Profit Secret in the News

Total Swindon and Reading Guides - publish an article on the launch of the Profit Secret

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