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Growth Consultancy

Prescription before diagnosis is called malpractice so our Rapid Business and People Review Process is often what kick starts consultancy engagements. Whether you are considering ways to reduce cost, improve performance / profitability, or influence behaviours to become more effective, you will need to begin with some form of appreciative enquiry.

We work collaboratively with clients, often becoming part of their Management Team, holding the belief that neither party has the total answer. We use the combined expertise and experience to find the best way forward. This means delivering a flexible approach to the different business teams to suit the specific requirements they have. It means testing the improvements out in a small way first and then thinking through how we get everyone actively involved to make the changes happen and stick.

So, if you want to bring about an immediate, sustainable change in performance in your organization – tell us more about the challenge that you want to overcome.

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Nurturing the right culture?

Culture is what people do when no one is looking. Despite all your strategies and goals, culture will win out in the end as the driving force behind change. Significant and substantial growth requires a shift in perspective by the entire team. Winning the hearts and mind of all staff is not easy but we know that once the discretionary effort is unlocked, engagement and efficiency will go through the roof.

Inspirational and Influential Events

You have a company-wide message to deliver – about your values, your brand, your ambitions. You need to have that cultural message accepted and acted upon by your people, Are you confident that enough of your people are on board with your key initiatives?

Most communication initiatives are created as a broadcast, as a push. If a message is pushed out, most people duck. An effective engagement strategy must make use of the pull influencing process to really engage people. We are experts in running one-off and sequential inspirational and influential events to shift the culture of your organisation towards the achievement of your ambitions.

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Strategy or Execution Concerns?

There is great discomfort in uncertainty. For a business, uncertainty leads to a short-term focus. That often exposes a lack of alignment at the Senior Level, ineffective leadership skills, or faulty decision-making previously ignored. Senior Teams can become the victims of bad habits; missed targets, conversations sidetracked, and opinions discounted.

Non-Exec Director / Board Mentoring

Hiring a non-executive director to challenge or mentor one or more Board Members brings many benefits. N.E.D's provide oversight on the performance of the business and the executive team. They bring a fresh perspective, solid commercial experience, a powerful network, and proven well-tested skills. They bring accountability to execution.

Our team have led multiple businesses to success. We have helped each find their feet, survive tough times and grow. Our broad commercial experience and deep insight into human psychology would provide you with a fresh outlook. A good N.E.D has the character, confidence, and skills to harness the talent of your team and provide a valuable source of accountability

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