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How to avoid Digital Overload in an iEverything World

Blog - How to avoid Digital Overload in an iEverything World

The digital age is a real double edge sword; while these tools can be wonderful servants they can be terrible masters. An avalanche of email’s, texts, and social-media alerts that seriously threaten productivity as nev

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How To Innovate As A Team

Blog - How To Innovate As A Team

Innovation has become a crucial part of the workplace. Although it's commonly associated with technologists and those working in the science field, innovating as a team is crucial to any successful workplace. According to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft registered over 200 million participants in virtual meetings through Microsoft Teams in just 24 hours. A sign of how fast innovation is influencing how we collaborate and interact.

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Making Your Marketing More Effective

Blog - Making Your Marketing More Effective

While global corporations have the marketing budget to test different campaigns, ad styles and take risks, smaller businesses rarely have such a luxury. With limited resources, smaller businesses must make their marketing more effective to generate profitable results. As a result, it’s crucial that managers understand the steps they need to take to generate an effective marketing campaign. With this in mind, here’s how you can make your marketing more effective.

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Which Work Model is Best for Your Organization In 2024?

Blog - Which Work Model is Best for Your Organization In 2024?

The modern workplace is changing faster than ever. In the last three years, most organizations have completely changed their work models, moving from office based work to remote opportunities. Each of which has several benefits and drawbacks. With the workplace no longer being disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, employers worldwide are debating which model is best for their business. This article draws key ideas from the 2022 Birkman Report, outlining the advantages and disadvantages of each...

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Three Ways Leaders Can Keep Their Workforce Engaged

Blog - Three Ways Leaders Can Keep Their Workforce Engaged

Keeping the workforce engaged is a growing problem for businesses. Employee satisfaction is at an all-time low, employees are resigning at record rates, and technology is creating skill gaps throughout the workplace. While such issues are impacted by a range of factors, one that can help mitigate them is a strong leader. A strong leader can improve employee satisfaction, reduce burnout and increase workplace productivity by creating a healthy workplace environment.

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How An Onboarding Process Can Improve Retention

Blog - How An Onboarding Process Can Improve Retention

Onboarding is a great opportunity for employers to help new employees feel comfortable in their team. However, many organisations overlook the onboarding process. Instead of helping employees integrate into their team, employers will often do the bare minimum. As a result, 46% of employees in the UK want to leave their job within the first six months, with two out of every five leaving within a year.

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Recruitment: It's All About The People

Blog - Recruitment: It's All About The People

Post-pandemic, there has been a shift to employee-centric policies throughout the UK recruitment market. For decades, human resource managers have based recruitment choices on cost efficiency, analytics, and big data to find the “right” candidate. The result? A 32.2% turnover rate. While productivity is still the main goal of businesses, leaders have realised that productivity will come from great work environments, teams that collaborate well, and employees that enjoy their work, all of...

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The Impact Of Technology On The Future Of Work

Blog - The Impact Of Technology On The Future Of Work

The way in which we interact with technology is rapidly evolving. Technology now plays an integral role in workplaces worldwide and has been used to improve efficiency, communication and operations. With technological innovations now advancing faster than ever, many people are asking what the future workplace will look like. This topic was covered in the recent Birkman Report, which looked at the macro business environment and how such trends could influence workplaces. Here’s a breakdown o...

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How To Sell In Disruptive Times

Blog - How To Sell In Disruptive Times

The last few years have been crazy for the business world. A pandemic, the great resignation, AI, and now a recession, it's fair to say that “normal” working conditions are a thing of the past. As economic and political issues continue to influence the market, businesses need to adapt to this turbulence. This involves adapting their operations as well as how they sell. With this in mind, here are six ways you can adapt your sales tactics during disruptive times.

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How You Can Improve Employee Wellbeing

Blog - How You Can Improve Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing has become an important part of the workplace. While many jobs traditionally focus on salary, many employers are now realising the importance of keeping their staff happy. However, it's no easy task. Employee wellbeing is a complex topic spanning several areas of an individual's life. According to the 2022 Birkman Report, Great Place to Work outlines five dimensions that cover employee well-being. These are emotional support, purpose, personal support, meaningful connectio...

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