Good Questions to Ask in an Interview

There is a rising focus on talent. The pre-pandemic workplace was very different, and your old reliable questions may no longer be relevant. One of the most important things you can do is to employ the right people for you and your business, asking the wrong questions may mean talent could slip through your doors. Considering new alternatives is always good practice.

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Blog - Good Questions to Ask in an Interview

Coping with the Challenges of Remote Working

The pandemic has taken flextime to a whole new level leaving employers with no choice but to embrace it alongside its new benefits and challenges along the way.

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Blog - Coping with the Challenges of Remote Working

The Importance of Hiring the Best Employee

Recruiting the right employees first time is crucial to the success of your business. Here are the 5 main benefits of getting it right, however they do not stop here, effective recruitment can cause a snowball of benefits!

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Blog - The Importance of Hiring the Best Employee

Is Agile For You?

'Agile' is a popular buzz word amongst businesses at the moment however companies need to worry less about the label and more about creating an engagement environment for employees as with most things it may just be the latest fad.

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How to Create a Flexible Organization

Whenever there’s a shift in the workplace, every individual has to learn to adjust. A flexible organization delegates its decision-making, allowing more freedom to innovate and become more adaptable to changing times. Creating a truly flexible organization will produce more opportunities for your business and for those who work in it.

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Designing a Post-Pandemic Culture

The workplace has changed dramatically since the pandemic, but this places you in a unique position to design a new post-Pandemic culture. If you want the post-pandemic culture to develop in a precise way, then you have to design the hybridised workplace that will lead to it.

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Blog - Designing a Post-Pandemic Culture

What Have You Learned About Employee Productivity in the Past Year?

This article looks at eight lessons which can help you to increase employee productivity and how to apply them to each individual. It is good practice to reflect on these lessons from time to time, particularly what you have learnt over the last year, and using what time you have spare to prepare yourself and others around you for another crisis like 2020.

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Suppose Today Was Your First Month As a Manager

One thing we’ve all learned in the past year is how fast life can change. Which means managing in the moment, not just for the future. But what if this was your first month in management? How quickly can you adapt and build relationships? And what if you are a well-seasoned manager? Simply put, the same principles and advice apply - because foreseeing when the next big change will happen is an impossible task.

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Blog - Suppose Today Was Your First Month As a Manager

Sharpening the Saw

If you want your organisation to thrive financially then you must sharpen your saw and more importantly sharpen the saws of others, these are the individuals who can make that possible. Create an environment where people want to grow, and lead by example. Work smarter, not harder. (Perfect)

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Passing the Torch

The torch always gets passed through the generations eventually, as one group retires another is born. It is noticeable not only in life but in work too as the time comes for the new generation to step forward.

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