What changes in your organisation would create the greatest advantage for you?


The cost of getting the selection wrong is at least three, if not seven times salary

Coach or Train

What skills do your people need to make the greatest sustainable improvement?

Involvement leads to engagement

What makes some succeed better with implementation of key messages in large organisations than others?

The answer lies in the fact that these companies have a simple and clear message adapted to reality, they create involvement engagement and participation throughout the whole organisation, everyone gets involved with the same message, the views shared are followed up, two way communication allows for feedback and support plus the senior and middle management actively demonstrates that they walk the talk.

Scenario: The top management has just finished the meeting, the decision has been taken: A new approach to performance management shall from this moment permeate the whole organisation.

Here is the real challenge: How do all employees get to know, understand and live our new coaching and mentoring approach in their daily life at work? To think and live and conduct themselves according to the new style rather than the old "JFDI" ~ "I'm the boss I do the thinking" style, in every appraisal as well as the chance meetings in the corridor. How do we ensure everyone buys in an operates more leadership and less dictatorship, enabling us in a few years time to measure if our employee satisfaction scores have genuinely improved?

Involvement leads to engagement

The top managers who have worked out the new message have all in one way or another felt that they were involved in the creation of that message. They have been able to express their opinions, they have been able to influence the outcome, they have had the chance to flavour the new approach based on their own reality. The problem is that all these feelings, built into the process of creating the message, get lost when the message is transformed into slides and intranets or documents and then transferred to the other employees in the organisation. Above all else there are two things that are of the utmost importance when one wants to create involvement;

  1. That the receiver feels that he/she is being listened to and
  2. That they can express their opinions about the message.

~ What are you doing to enable others to express their opinion?
~ How can you enable everyone to feel they have influence?
~ What are you doing to secure everyone's involvement?

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