bme asked to run Team Building for Profile

P R O F I L E, the Global Hospitality Recruitment Agency, bring their team together annually for a major review of progress, to create a sense of ownership in the next steps in the plan and to inspire an improvement at both the individual and team performance levels. 

After carefully consideration of potential suppliers they could use Liz Hartstone, Managing Director London and Mark Norris, Chief Executive, chose Be More Effective Ltd.From the initial briefing it was clear that a customised version of the Slingshot business simulation matched the key requirements of this vital company meeting.

Immediately following the event Mark Norris CEO Picture of Mark Norris CEO Profile commented:

“Dear Bob, just a quick note of thanks for a great session on Friday afternoon.  Team feedback was simply…  “Bob rocks and was the best bit of the conference!”  Your ears should have been burning Saturday during our feedback session. I am keen to follow up with you as discussed and we look forward to working with you again."

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