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Recruitment Health Check

Recruitment Health Check

Why Should I Take the Recruitment Health Check?

People are the most important element of any business, while retention of talent and recruitment of new talent has rarely been so challenging. The cost of recruiting the wrong person is huge - typically estimated at between three and seven time the annual salary of the person. Sadly, one in 5 of new hires across all industries leave within six months. That is a 20% average. Recruitment Process that are not in line with best practise will cost any business a fortune.

Score the points listed to see how successful your recruitment is likely to be in sourcing and finding employing the right person.


In each question you are provided with a statement, and you are asked, for your recruitment, how true it is. The answer is multiple choice, with 4 options, ranging from Never, Occasionally, Sometimes and Always.

Your answer to each question creates a score for each of the areas of the Recruitment Health Check and of course a combined score. You will see this combined score alongside some typical benchmarks once you have completed the questionnaire.

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