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Why Hot Buttons Work

The phrase 'hot butto you as a consumer that they want you to come in because you will enjoy their doughnuts; and knowing that, you comply. It’s a bona fide reason, and it’s a powerful persuasion technique that marketers use every day. Krispy Kreme would call your joint experience a win-win. So would you until you got on the scale..!

There are two principles at work here:

  1. The first is that you are convinced that they have your best interests at heart. They know that you like hot doughnuts, and so they want to let you know when those treats will be at their best so that you can enjoy them the most. 
  2. The second principle, however, is in that word because. It’s because. They’ve given you the reason, and as a result, you take your life into your hands to get into that store as quickly as possible, regardless of the traffic. 'Hot' doesn’t last forever.
What would be the difference between a company that wanted you to know that they made hot doughnuts and one that wanted you to know when they were at their best? It would be the hot light. Otherwise, how would you know? That hot light, then, is Krispy Kreme’s “because.” It’s because we know that you want them hot that we’re going to tell you when they are. 
It’s worth noting that if the light wasn’t effective, then they wouldn’t use it. The fact that it has become almost a part of American folklore tells you just how effective it is. It’s because customers know the reason for it.
The hot light, or hot button, has relevance for you at work, at home, at school – anywhere that you meet people. Whenever you give them a reason that makes sense to them for something that you would like them to do, they will help you to do it. If it’s to get some time off, then you’ll get it. If it’s to stay up to watch a program on the telly, then you’ll get permission. If it’s bend the rules with the teacher, you might just get away with it.


In organisations, however, people will often bend over backwards for you if you just tell them why. “Because I said so” whether those words are spoken or implied is neither valid nor important. You’ll get more resistance than cooperation. In order for this to work, your “because” has to resonate with them as being legitimate.
You can use the same idea in sales. If your “because” will help them with theirs, then you both have a reason to help out each other. Remember that there’s a difference between trying to reason people into a sale and giving them a reason to buy. Most people believe the former, but success lies in the latter.
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