Who to employ - The answer is in the sandwich

Who to employ - The answer is in the sandwich

Who are you employing? The answer may be in the sandwich

Employers looking to build effective teams could do worse than look at this latest pieces of research when it comes to assessing their staff’s characters.

Apparently, the sandwich filling or lunch time snack you select gives an insight into your personality. So, if you like cheese and pickle you are more like to have a high IQ; if a BLT tickles your tastebuds, you’re an opportunist. The researchers surveyed 2,000 people for Warburtons and identified eight “key sandwich personalities”. So, when you next look around the office at what people are eating you’ll know that:

  • Ham salad on white bread is for forward-thinkers
  • Beef rolls are chosen by impulsive people
  • Egg mayonnaise is preferred by “homebodies”
  • High-flyers prefer tuna and sweet corn
  • Sensitive types like prawns in brown bread
  • Extroverts choose chicken salad wraps
  • Cheese and pickle lovers were more likely to have a high IQ
  • BLT on seeded bread people are considered opportunists.

This may be no more than an entertaining piece of nonsense – what if you like prawns one day and egg mayo the next? But that aside, there is a serious point to seeking to identify people's personailty drivers, working preferences and styles: people are all different, and that goes for your staff too. Getting the right blend and making your team work together effectively is the key to a successful business, getting high levels of productivity or increased sales, and those are areas clients often ask Be More Effective to help.

Get in touch for a chat. You never know, our internal communication or employee engagement programmes could be the perfect sandwich filling for your enterprise!

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