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Which tribe are you ~ Duck and Run or Vomit and Leave?

I was working, if you can call observing and voting on presentations working, with a Logistics client on Tuesday and we got on to the problem of employees who don't have access to computers yet the company relies on some of the data they collect.

"I call them the Bend and Lift People," the boss said. "As opposed to the supervisors who are Point and Click People".

It made me think back to the Territory Mapping and Corporate Tribe work of Anthony Willoughby.

Since then I've been thinking of a number of corporate tribes...

What about:

The Duck and Run Tribe: These people are the ones who always have to "pick my kid from school" or "have a wedding to go to that weekend" every time there is a rush on.

The Vomit and Leave Tribe: These come to a meeting, spew forth a lot of problems or ideas and than leave everybody with a bucketful of extra work to do.

The Plop and Stop Tribe: These people are never happy. Well I exaggerate ~ never. Ever. Ever happy. They come in each morning in search of those with smiles and set about bringing them down, they rarely leave you alone until all work and motivation to breathe has stopped.

The Kiss and Tell Tribe: These people spend most of their time kissing the bosses... Once ingratiated into the said boss's entourage they spend the rest of the time telling the boss how great they are and what wallies the rest of us are.

You could probably enhance this list...

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