What happened to you in 2007?

A blog is not much of a blog if no one is adding content, I agree. Back in late 2006 I was slowing down and putting on weight and for me that is unusual, I'd normally jog a half marathon before breakfast and then do a days work, sleep 6 hours and get up and do it all again; but not any more.

By January 2007 I was sleeping 22 hours a day, well I say sleeping but it was more like curling up in bed while my mind floated slowly in a grey fog. Three months of test by the Doctor showed there was nothing wrong with me... Apart from the fast I was two stone over weight and couldn't sleep and had zero energy.

Great communication from the GP. "There is nothing officially wrong with you so which label would you prefer..? Depression? Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Or M.E.?"

"Which label can you do something about?" ~ I ask in trepidation...

"Depression" ~ she says

"That's a shame, I'm not depressed..!"

So it's alternative medicine for me.

Months later, thanks to lots of prayer, some serious foul Chinese herbs and some acupuncture and I get back to some form of normality.

A year later ~ Jan 2008 ~ and I about 95% recovered, the one remaining piece of the jigsaw is the "energy tank" runs dry each day, where in the past it rarely ever did...

So pin back your reading eyes as I've got a years worth of blogging to catch up with..!

In the meantime ~ who else has faced similar issues with health? And what has worked for you..?

Leave a comment...

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