To retain talent or not? Is that the question?

To retain talent or not...Is that the question..?

There is a lot written and said about 'talent management' & 'talent retention.' If we sign up to the concept that some of our people are blessed with a certain especially valuable talent...

...there are at least two questions to consider are;

  1. How do we retain their services rather than loose them to competitors or to a 'start-up'?
  2. How do we ensure they apply their talent to the maximum whilst they are with us?

For me the answers are simple ~ not necessarily easy ~ but definitely simple.

  • Trust-worthy authentic Leadership ~ their boss confirms their talent, invest time and effort with them and isn't afraid to tell them what they need to hear rather than just what they want to hear. The authentic leader counsels, guides and corrects as well as affirms, rewards and supports.
  • The 'right' congruent situation ~ the company from it's brand values, it's culture, the future ambitions to it's products and services enable the person with talent to apply that talent and know it is having a positive impact.

It is easy to lose our way in a company because we can't find the role to apply our gifting or we don't get sufficient feedback that our work is making a difference.

What are your thoughts on 'talent retention..?'

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