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To gain or lose from the voucher culture

To gain or lose from the voucher culture

I was listening to a radio debate about discounts available using vouchers and coupons. One contributor commented that his business - a restaurant - did very well from the scheme garnering much repeat business - while another restaurateur recounted the opposite 
I wondered why that might be - club cards are essentially lost leaders to gain foot fall - once the customer is in your business it's up to you to maximise the opportunity and create the desire to return
  • So why the different experience of the two contributors?
  • Could it be that the more positive experience was created by the perception of value?
  • Were they gaining the loyalty and repeat business by adding value to the customer experience?
Were they recognising that the club card was performing its function of attracting custom - then passing the baton to them to deliver a WOW factor? First time visitors to your business will have differing expectations depending on past experience but they represent a new opportunity for you to win advocates – they have families and friends  to whom they can recommend you – so here is where the value you add to their experience gains you traction.

How do we make the best of it?

  • Don’t view their visit as one off – attracted only by the voucher – view it as an opportunity to win that customer for life
  • Focus on delivering exceptional value at every point of contact from the call that makes the booking or initial inquiry through to having the taxi waiting before it’s requested.
  • Provide an exceptional ‘something’ that goes beyond their expectation.
I rather suspect the restaurateur who was getting the value from his commitment to the club card scheme had understood this rather more than the chap who was disenchanted by it all. My advice to the latter gent – demonstrate the value of your restaurant to the newly won voucher customers and you’ll see the value in your association with club card.  Offer exceptional value and get the best out of the voucher cultures

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