What changes in your organisation would create the greatest advantage for you?


The cost of getting the selection wrong is at least three, if not seven times salary

Coach or Train

What skills do your people need to make the greatest sustainable improvement?

The Power of More Effort

The Power of More Effort

For pure water, the boiling point is 100 degrees Celsius (212 Fahrenheit). At 99 degrees you can make a great cup of tea. At 100 degrees water boils and with boiling water comes steam. With steam you can power massive engines, moving enormous weights, getting trains to speed along at 100 miles per hour because of the sheer amount of horsepower the steam can generate.


How can that help you sell more? Margin of victory.

Think about the margin of victory of some recent sporting feats whether you are a fan of Soccer, the NFL, Athletics, Rugby, Cricket or Tennis you will already know of a number of critical moments where success and failure, first place and no place were decided by the slimmest of margins.

It is the same in sales. The difference between you and your competition, between the client deciding to go with you or deciding to do nothing is slim.

What one more thing could you add to tip the equation slightly more in your favour?  Something of value to the prospect that doesn’t have to cost you much at all..?


How can that help you sell more? More activity.

You decide to send 100 mailshots each week, direct mail or email doesn’t matter. What happens if you send 101? Well, that is another 50 or so each year or half-a-weeks work in no time at all. You might open up a new account…

You decide to make 20 prospects call each day. What happens if you do 21? Well, that is five more calls each week and around 250 extra calls each year which equates to over twelve extra days calling. Surely you’d make more progress if you had twelve extra days of prospecting..?


How can that help you sell more? More time.

You decide to put two hours into lead or quote follow up each day. What happens if you put in 15 more minutes each time?  Well, that is 75 minutes a week and some 300 extra minutes per month, otherwise known as FIVE hours. Surely, someone of your talent could convert more quotes to sales if you had FIVE extra hours each month…


How can that help you sell more? More contacts.

Just think, you are visiting a client. What if you popped, next door, after your meeting, instead of jumping in your car and driving miles to the next appointment (or coffee shop if you don’t have another appointment). What happens if every time you go out you make one extra contact each day?  Five new contacts each week adds up to 120 new contacts in six months. Surely in those 120 people there is at least one extra sale? And for what? Taking one more small risk to say hello.


Come on – build up a head of steam – do one more thing today…


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