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The Importance Of Being The Right Person Not Just A Skillset

The Importance Of Being The Right Person Not Just A Skillset

For over half a century most employers looked for a certain skill set when it came to jobs. They would look at applicants based on their grades or qualifications to determine whether or not they were a good fit. As a result, people began to judge themselves on the same criteria. They’d ask questions such as “Do I have the right skill set for the job” instead of “Is this job right for my personality”. 

Although the market is slowly shifting, many employers and people remain stuck in this skill based mindset. However, being the right person is just as important as having the right skills. Here’s why. 

You’ll Find Jobs That Fit Your Personality 

Imagine you went to university to study accountancy. You spend 3 years completing your degree and naturally progress to an accountancy job where you’re on track to become a chartered accountant. Only you realised one thing. The lifestyle of an accountant doesn’t suit your personality at all. You prefer customer facing roles, enjoy working with people and worst of all, you’ve grown to hate numbers. 

Now, from a skillset perspective, you’re a great candidate for an accountancy job. But from a personality perspective, you’re the complete opposite. This is a problem many people are now experiencing. They chose a profession they thought they’d like at 18, studied it for three years at university and now they work a job that makes them miserable. 

By looking at jobs from a personality perspective, you can find jobs that align with who you are. For example, let’s say you enjoy meeting new people and get your energy from others. In this instance, finding a customer facing job would be much more fulfilling than working behind the scenes doing paperwork. 

You’ll Enjoy Your Work

Unfortunately there’s no job where every day will be perfect- every job has its good and bad days. That being said, if you find a job that fits your personality, then you’ll enjoy what you do significantly more than if you work a job that doesn’t. When you enjoy what you do, you’re much happier to put in the extra shift, stay a few extra hours and help your colleagues when they need it. 

This has benefits in two key areas. 

Firstly, workplace benefits. If you’re willing to go above and beyond, then you’re more likely to be noticed by management. If management notices how much work you’re putting in, you’re more likely to be fast tracked for a promotion, bonus, pay raise, or all of the above. 

It also benefits you mentally. When you enjoy what you do, workplace stress takes less of a toll on your health. Instead of dragging yourself out of bed every day, you wake up excited to get to work. This impacts everything from the energy you give off to others to how you feel at the end of each day. 

You’ll Be Able To Better Deal With Workplace Pressures

Building on the past point, when you work a job that aligns with your personality you’re in a better position to deal with workplace pressures. No matter what job you work, you’re going to have to deal with stress, setbacks and daily workplace problems. If you work a job you dislike, then you’re significantly less resilient to these problems, which can result in constant stress, headaches and burnout. 

On the other hand, if your work aligns with your personality you’re more likely to take these problems on as challenges. For example, let's say you’re an individual who loves numbers and problem solving. You work an accountancy job and a client comes to you with a financial problem. As someone who has aligned their work with their personality, you’re more likely to not only solve the issue, but you’ll also do a better job than someone who doesn’t actually enjoy problem solving or numbers.

You’re More Likely To Achieve Long Term Success 

If you love what you do, then you’re more likely to do it for the long run. Post-Covid we’ve seen the start of what many people are calling “The Great Resignation”. People have realised what’s important to them and, as a result, have left a job they didn't enjoy. Now, this isn’t to say other influences aren’t involved, however with workplace satisfaction being at an all time low, it’s fair to say workplace satisfaction is a contributing factor. 

People who reach the top in their field all have something in common- they love what they do. Because they love what they do, they’re able to push through difficult times to achieve long term success. When you’re working a job that aligns with you as a person, sticking with your job during difficult times feels more natural. You want to go to work every day. You want to deal with challenges. You want to find solutions. You don’t see problems as something ruining your day. You see them as something you can overcome to achieve your goal. With this mindset, you’re significantly more likely to achieve in your career. 

You Open Up More Opportunities

People like working with passionate people. If you turn up to an interview excited to potentially work in the position being offered, this will come across in the way you present yourself. As a result, you’re more likely to be hired. If you turn up to a job because your skill set matches the job description and you like the pay it offers, you don’t stand out from any other applicants.

When you’re the right person for a job, it will show straight away. Employers will detect your excitement compared to other candidates, which will open up more opportunities for you in fields you’ll enjoy working in. 

The Future Of Business Is People, Not Skillsets 

Business owners are finally recognising the benefits of hiring the right person for the job, and the recruitment process is slowly being adapted to take personality into consideration. 

By looking at people's personalities, businesses can build better teams, improve workplace morale and create an environment in which everyone works to their strengths. This leads to more self fulfillment, happier teams and better financial results for businesses. As more businesses see the successful impacts of hiring the right person, it’s likely that all businesses will look at personality and not just qualifications on a piece of paper when it comes to the future of recruitment. 

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