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Talent Retention or not? That is a question..?

Talent Retention or not? That is a question..?
What is the future to engaging and retaining talent?

I've come across some challenging thinking on the future of careers and talent management from some UK research house called ~ Career Innovation ~ a small, visionary, networked research and technology business based in Oxford, UK.

I'd be interested in the views of my fellow Bloggers..?

The artilce starts ~ "At a recent private event in Switzerland, at which the Ci 'Manifesto for the New Agile Workplace' was presented, several corporate CEOs spoke passionately about the 'crisis of leadership' that is their ' number one business issue'.

Why the crisis?

Part of the reason is to do with demographics and the global supply of talent. Part is about the complexity and speed of the business world. Part is about the growth in regulation placing burdens on senior people.We would argue that there is another even stronger reason; that is the growing reluctance of talented people to take up leadership positions in traditional companies at all.

According to Ci research for the Manifesto,
61% would like to be self-employed. Others simply want to achieve work-life balance, and 60% of them would give up some pay to do so. Others are looking for new ways to combine agile, entrepreneurial ways of working with a sense of purpose, trust and inspiration."

If 61% of current "talent" would rather be "self-employed" it really does make the challenge of corporates retaining that "talent" almost a non starter...

Or does it?

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