Proud association with Champions of Small Business

Finally, I can call myself a Champion…  The Champions of Small Business Logo

I am proud to announce an association with The Champions of Small Business. This is a national initiative dedicated to celebrating & supporting all that’s great about Small Business in the UK.  
At it’s core is a free online resource. Their site will soon include tonnes of practical advice in the form of useful downloads, ebooks & toolkits for all aspects of business, along with inspiring content from industry leaders and access to exclusive offers. This is all backed up with an online community with live events and webinars.
As part of the launch I will be speaking at the biggest business show in the UK on 3rd December at Olympia; The 33rd Business Show. Join me and 30,000 other visitors, attend any one of 330 seminars or the 210 master class sessions and see some 400 exhibitors. More information here: 
I will be speaking on Punching Above Your Weight at 12mid-day on 3rd December
See you there….

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