One communication problem is involvement or the lack of it

One communication problem is involvement or the lack of it

What makes some succeed better with the introduction and implementation of key messages in large organisations? The answer is that successful companies project a simple and clear message adapted to reality, creating activity and participation in the whole organisation. Everyone is given the same message, they encourage follow-up, give feed-back and support, and managements actively show that they “walk the talk.”

An effective change implementation can make the difference

An effective implenentation approach can make all the difference as to whether the new strategy, new merger or acquisition succeed or fails. It requires everyone to get involved to get on board because in that way the organisation can develop in harmony with less friction between people and departments and more respect between senior management and those on the front line; better understanding, better communications and stronger commitment which ultimately lead to more satisfied customers and increased profits.
The senior managers who have been creating the new strategy for weeks or for months will have all - in one way or another - felt that they were involved. They have been able to express their opinions, have been able to influence the outcome, and have had the chance to experience the new concepts based on their own reality. This sets up one of a number of problems, one of which is involvement or the lack of it

Those creating the message are often lost

All too often the core of people involved in the process of creating a new strategy become lost to the realities in the current organisation; how the business is doing and how people view things in various departments.  That same group are often the same people involved in creating or signing off on the message to be cascaded out into the whole organisation. Of course they want to explain their new creation of which, most likely, they are rightly proud. In the excitement to reveal the great new future to the masses three things are often forgotten. 
  1. Any new strategy requires the support of a critical mass of people from within the organisation; that means at least 49% of all employees actively making the change happen.
  2. To create the level of involvement required each person on the receiving end of the message needs to feel that he/she can express their opinions about the message.
  3. The way this feedback is received is also massively important because those people providing the feedback need to feel that he / she has actually been listened to 
So if you are responsible to cascading a key message out into your organisation consider carefully what you going to do to ensure involvement?
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