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The Value House is now on sale..!

BMEs first book authored by Nick Baldock and called - The Value House - it aims to tackle to the one objection that unsettles many sales people – the Price Objection…  
The Value House explains why sales people get price pressure and how they can best position their offer to significantly reduce the number of times that pressure gets applied as well as how best to respond when it does.
Well known experts like - Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, James Caan, Richard Denny, Ivan Misner and Thomas Power - have all cited this sales book as one of the very best. Business Leaders are also sending in strongly positive comments; Rikki Hunt (Past CEO of Burmah Petroleum Fuels and co-author of Creating a Thinking Organisation) said this… "I have met many people who could sell but few who could sell consistently at the right price. This book has it all, practical advice, live examples of how and how not to do it, real worth-while exercises, qualified anecdotes and down to earth solutions. A must for all sales people"
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