Leeds or Barcelona..?

Given the choice where would you rather spend a couple of days?

Well as great Leeds is I would have chosen Barca, but unfortunately due to the vagaries of business I had to send a team to Barcelona to the Teneo Conference (www.teneoevents.eu) on Employee Engagement whilst I headed of to Leeds. The sacrifices one makes for clients...

This years Teneo Conference was, according to my team, a great one. Venue, Speakers, Content and yes even the Chairman ~ one of my team ~ all played their part in making it a great success.

In preparation for the conference I did some maths on the speakers...

The speakers had a combined responsibility for well over 1 million people; 1,040,000 people to be more precise

  • There were two Heads of OD
  • Two Vice Presidents of OD
  • A Global Head of Internal Comms
  • Two Group Heads of Internal Comms
  • Three VP's of Internal Comms

And as with the old Christmas Carol ~ a partridge in a pear tree

I'm wondering if I were a delegate whether that wealth of experience and therefore potentially knowledge would encourage me to get my cheque book out or if not what else would make me go..?

What conferences do you attend and why?

Leave a comment...

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