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Just give us your BEST price

What do you say when the customer says 'just give us your BEST price'?

Typically when handling an objection the best approach is to

  • Acknowledge that you heard them.
  • Reassure them it is a valid response and you are OK with it.
  • Ask questions, probe behind the stall, start a conversation, draw them out.
  • Only once you have a real question or concern to handle can you make progress.
  • Then BEFORE you answer the question or concern confirm there is nothing else preventing a sale.

So it might go something like this

Them:Just give me your BEST price?”
You:  “Of course price is important – what do you mean by best price?”
Them: “the lowest of course”
You: Apart from price – what other things do you need to consider?”
Them: “It is just about the price – what is your best price?”

Some options are…

One - humour
You: “I wish I could – that is reserved for our BEST customers and I don’t know enough about the business you are suggesting to determine if you could qualify – may I ask a few more questions in order to find out..?

Two – Give me a clue
You: It is tough for me to hit a target I can’t see – what did you have in mind?”
Them:You are about 15% out”
You: “If I can prove to you that there are aspects of our proposal that more than delivers 15% extra value would you be prepared to go ahead?”
Them:OK – prove it…”

Three - Price is only a function of quality and service
You: “Price is only a function of quality and service; if I could understand your requirements in those areas I might be able to adjust our proposal; what I can’t do is offer you the higher quality and the higher level of service that I’d like at a sub-standard price. Apart from price what else is it important for you to consider..?

Four – Ask them to give you something of value
You: Which aspect of our proposal should I leave out..?
Them: No I need everything – just at a lower price
You: OK everything has a value – if I could find a way to reduce the price to XXX while keeping to the current proposal – would you be willing to do YYY for me..? (Increase size of order / increase order frequency / pay early / pay in advance / give six referrals to other companies or departments = things of equal or greater value to you)

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