If you were asked to speak...

If you were asked to speak on a specific element of internal communications or employee engagement, what topic would you pick and why..?

I was recently asked to introduce a number of speaker at a Coneference on Employee Engagement and here are some of the topic titles others choose to talk about and the reasons they shared with me as to why they selected that actual topic...


Is this a silver bullet or minefield; what comes first performance or engagement, does engagement actually equal performance or are the measures we look at realy just fiction...

Why did you choose this topic?

I guess I would class myself amongst the (healthy) cynics when it comes to blindly accepting what the research tells us about the wonders of engagement and it's impact on business performance and I want in my presentation to ask (rhetorically) some of the difficult questions that I believe need to be answered before we get too carried away with designing yet another "engagement programme..."


Two employee engagement solutions ~ an E-Solution and a Pictorial solution to provoke face to face discussions

Why this topic?

I believe that creating understanding and meaning for everyone at work is key to success and can free huge energy and drive. This is best done, I believe, by creating emotional engagement and opportunities for conversation and dialogue (building on ideas such as 'story'). My experience is that many organisations fail to engage people effectively, and as a result are missing out on a massive lever of change and improvement.


Engagement one by one

Why did you pick this topic?

I passionately belive in developing and shaping communicative leaders; I am convinved there is a strong connection between communicative leadership and employee engagement


I tend to pick topics like

  • Forward as one
  • Stopping your key initiatives hitting the resistance buffers
  • Creating a top-down bottom up avalanche


Because the main causes of failure with large scale strategy and brand implementations are poor communication and low levels of engagement and I hate to see great ideas die in some forgotten corner or silo in a corporate organisation...

If you were asked to speak on a specfic element of internal communications or employee engagement, what topic would you pick and why..?

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