How do you handle criticism?

How do you deal with criticism..?  

Here are three ways you might consider....

1. Expect it

When spectators watch a football match, where do they focus their attention? On the players naturally. Someone once said - 'if you want to avoid criticism it is very easy; by saying nothing, doing nothing and being nothing.  If you are going to step out from the observer role into a doing role - you are likely, highly likely to attract attention and you guessed it criticism... Expect it.'

2.Evaluate it

When people say things like ~ can I tell you something for your own good..? ~ they is really much good about to descend from their lips; worse is 'may I give you some constructive criticism..?' ~ What you want my permission to tear down parts of me while building something else up..?

Instead of going into defence mode - go into explore mode

  • Who is speaking? Have they earned the right? How well do they know me and the topic in question?
  • Why are they providing this feedback..? Intentions are more important than the content in most situations ~ 'Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.'

So evaluate it.

3.Outlive it

Sometimes even those that know us well are thinking more of protecting us than projection us, many a close advisor will say 'don't' when you know in your heart that you must. That is when it is vital you know yourself and your mission or the call on your life and business better than anyone else.

So sometimes you have to listen to the wise words from others, adjust if necessary and then carry on regardless - outlive it.

How do you handle criticism..?

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