How do you engage talent?

How do you engage talent

Could you please help me with some search for the reality behind the theory?

In today's tough job market, where there is strong competition among employers for talented people, most employers understand that the training and development they extend to all their employees will not only make employees more able and more valuable to but will also act as a powerful incentive for them to stay.

Of course, organisations are always at risk that their staff will leave anyway, taking their new skills with them. Yet employees of organisations that do not develop their staff have little motivation to stay.

This is a paradox that has in my opinion one simple solution: accept that employees are more likely to leave if they are not
developed and find ways to make people want to keep working at your organisation. Engage the talent.  But how?

Money is not the only motivator. Among the most important non-financial motivators research from the likes of Gallup, Melcrum and CIPD often list:

  • Advancement
  • Autonomy
  • Being challenged
  • Being trusted
  • Civilised treatment
  • Employer commitment
  • Exposure to senior people
  • Praise or regocnition when appropriate
  • Support is available
  • Working environment
  • Working for a ethical and reliable organisation
  • Working on useful assignments for the client, the organisation and themselves
  • Work/life balance is respected

But such lists rarely come with the true life stories that bring theory to life.

What are the most important three in terms of retaining talent in your opinion and experience?

And what anecdotes describe why?

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