Employee Engagement in Accra, Ghana, May 2009

Wednesday 27th May 2009,
Employee Engagement Conference,
Kofi Annan Conference Centre, Accra, Ghana.

There is probably no more suitable place for a conference on conflict resolution and employee engagement than the Kofi Annan Conference Center. One of the world's leading role models in human relationships, Kofi Annan stands head and shoulders above so many world leaders when it comes to developing engagement and consensus.

This one day conference, which I had the honour of speaking at was organised by two leading business development organisations in Ghana, Employment Relations Center and the Richard Anim Group. The speaking panel brought together a world class mix of talent on the key elements of employment best practise;

  • Employee Engagement ~ was me ~ Bob Hayward of OPC (UK)
  • Performance Management ~ Roy Braxton of The Braxton Group (South Africa)
  • Innovation & Leadership ~ Dr. Kanes Rajah of The Center for Executive & Professional Development (UK)
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution ~ Professor Kevin Nwosu ~ Nigeria

The whole conference was to be opened by The Honourable Mrs. Betty Mould Iddrisu,  The Minister for Justice and Attorney General and closing remarks were by Richard Anim.

Some 60 delegates took an active part in both the networking sessions between the key note speaches and the lectures themselves. Each speaker found a highly motivated audience who keenly tabled a whole series of questions.

Over the next few days I'll add some thoughts from each of the main sessions and offer some pointers on the topics and questions that were discussed. If you were there and you have further questions, just add them as comments to this blog...

More soon ~ Bob

Bob Hayward

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