Consultancy is purely holding a mirror

Consultancy is purely about holding a mirror

I came across this view of consultancy and wonder what you think about it.

"You can't change organisations. You can only reveal them to themselves. And they either like what they see. Or not..."

If they choose to follow the "Or not" path, you can offer suggestions as to the alternatives that fit for them, and for what they believe.

If they haven't evolved to the point of knowing what they believe, you start there and the rest reveals itself...

It is really that simple. The rest consists of removing the dead skin from the years of self-deception."

I do find myself challenged by this suggestion and certainly do not want to discount it completely but there are times when I've made a stand for what I think, even though it put the relationship at risk, in an attempt to act as a catalyst for change.

What are your thoughts?

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