Coast to Coast Cycle Ride for Foodbank

As a Director of the crisis intervention charity, Swindon Foodbank I'm committed to raise around £75,000 each year to enable the organisation to function. Foodbank uses a ground-breaking concept to help individuals and families in crisis by providing free emergency food until the appropriate agencies are in a position to assist.

If you can donate £3 or more please follow this link

Since early 2009 we have been seeing over 300 applicants each month, back in 2007 this was only 80 each momth. The referrals are from the Professional Care Agencies in the town to ensure they are genuine cases of hardship. Foodbank provides those referred with food until the State Benefit kicks which can take between 7 and 33 days; Foodbank fills that void where there are no family or friends to help. The financial crisis really hit many parts of the UK badly - poverty is right on your door step - there are now over 55 Foodbanks in the UK with more planned because they are very much needed...

To help with the 2010 fund raising we are organising a series of events next up is...

The Coast to Coast Cycle Ride

A short peddle around 102 miles along

Full route is as follows

Route 27 from Sustrans

If you can afford to donate £3 or more to Foodbank please donate here

If you want to help collect more Sponsorship download the form here

Thanks in advance...

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