bme asked to run annual kickoff event

An annual conference is a massively important event for any company - a chance to bring everyone together, celebrate the successes of the previous year and look forward at the goals, plans and incentives of the coming year.

This years annual conference for Bartercard is a vital date in their business plan and have asked bme to add value to the event with highly interactive and motivational activities designed to engage everyone in the development of the business while also enhancing the whole teams approach to sales, negotiation, customer service and team work.

Bartercard is the World's largest trading exchange with over 75,000 trading members in 9 countries, of which over 4000 are based in the UK. Read more here

This bespoke solution utilising three tough multi-team business simulations will be led by Bob Hayward and Richard Lock

Your may have business or people development ideas which require either, pre-designed, customised or bespoke solutions - call 0845 003 7282 to discuss or email here  

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