Amazon to Promote Persuade

Amazon to Promote Persuade

Amazon India to Promote Persuade Friday 16th August 2019

Persuade is a top-selling Sales Book on Amazon. On release in 2018, it reached Number One in UK, Canada, and Australia along with Number Six in the USA and Number Three in India

Amazon India is to run a promotion this Friday, the 16th, dopping the price to 19 INR! Practically giving it away!

What is Persuade about?

To fulfill our ambitions, to build a business or career, to win or complete project successfully or bring up a family well – all these things either happen or don’t because of our ability to bring others with us, to cause them to buy into our ideas. Persuasion is a skill – part psychology – part human relationships – part communication. Can you turn someone around, so others see things your way all the time? Probably not; what we can all do is increase our success rate so that more people, more often, willingly go along with our ideas.

Five reasons why most people will benefit significantly from reading this book:

  1. This book will significantly increase your persuasiveness.
  2. It will provide a deep understanding of the steps you and the other person have to go through in order to cause that change of heart and mind.
  3. This book shows you how the theories have been applied by others, so you can see how to apply them yourself.
  4. It will show you how to communicate your ideas more effectively, creating greater buy-in and maximizing the support you gain from others
  5. This book will significantly improve your chances of success as a leader, change agent, consultant, salesperson or negotiator in and field – business – pollical or personal.

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