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Business Maturity Assessment

Business Maturity Assessment

Rationale of the Business Maturity Model

This Business Maturity Assessment is based on the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) model for Business Excellence. The rationale behind the concept of maturity is that the organisations with experience create sustainable improvement in both process and results constantly and systematically, where immature organisations achieve their outcomes because of considerable efforts of individuals using approaches that they create more spontaneously and less consistently. High performing organisations are commonly managed through structured and strategically aligned processes by using fact-based decision making to create balanced and sustained results.

By answering the following series of interlinked questions, you will be comparing your organisation and its organisation current practices against an industry standard where maturity in the management practices and in processes produce sustainable improvements. The answers will support you in setting priorities for improving your operation to find the optimum levels of efficiency and effectiveness.


You are first asked to decide whether you would classify your business as a Manufacturing Company or more of a Service Company because this affects the questions and answers. Once you have made that choice the questionnaire takes you through nine elements. Leadership, Strategy, People Engagement, Process Management, Resource Management, Customer Satisfaction, Employee and Stakeholder Satisfaction, along with the Impact on Society and Business Results.

In each element you will be presented with a series of statements, one at a time. Read the statement carefully. Compare your organisation to the statement. Ask yourself this question each time.

Does my organisation do ALL of this, fulfilling the meaning of the statement completely, or SOME of it, or NONE of it?

Once you make your selection (None – Some – All) you will be shown the next relevant statement.

At the end of the questionnaire, you will be present with your score out of 1000 possible points and a summary of the possible improvement opportunity

Which type of company would you classify yourself as?

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