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Win,Win, Win: People, Business & Customers

Win,Win, Win: People, Business & Customers

How Building Better Employee Experience Is Good For People, Business & Customers: 

Kate Turner is the CEO of Motivational Leadership and author of the best-selling book, CREATE Motivation: Unlock The Leader Within. She is also a UK leading authority on motivation. She has over two decades experience of helping businesses deliver high, sustainable levels of performance.  

Mike Sharples is the CEO of Brand Experiences and co-founder of the Employee Experience Opportunity (EXO). He has spent over 20 years helping organisations achieve success by creating better outcomes for their employees and customers. He is the co-author of the book: Monetising The Employee Experience and creator of the employee motivation and productivity platform mojo.  

We need a better relationship between employers and employees. There are so many challenges ahead of us, yet our traditional expectations around the world of work are in a state of flux. It is time to think differently. People across organisations are under pressure. Talk of the Great Resignation and the War on Talent are getting louder at the same time as the productivity gap is getter bigger. If you want to solve these problems, where do you invest your time and money? What one step is worth taking? 

Join Kate Turner and Mike Sharples in this FREE webinar as they explore these threats head on. They will share with you the statistics behind these headlines, and give practical, actionable steps you can take immediately.  

- Are you a business leader seeking better ways to drive high levels of performance and productivity? 

- Are you being challenged on your people budgets and need a clear business case to demonstrate ROI? 

- Are you a team leader wanting simple and proven ways to tap into the full capability of your team? 

Kate and Mike will show you how.

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