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What kind of Entrepreneur are you? – Free Webinar with Bob Hayward

What kind of Entrepreneur are you? – Free Webinar with Bob Hayward

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More and more Companies big and small are asking all staff to think and act like a Business Owner or an investor. Therefore, Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs are an ever-growing segment of business world-wide. So how is that different from thinking and acting like a great Employee?  

One key to success, in a job or as a business owner, is understanding your own talents and shortcomings and surrounding yourself with people who fill your inevitable gaps as a builder of the business. The success or failure of a business, project or team is often down to the mindset and skills gaps of the leaders.  

Depending on of which research you read there are between three and seven different types of entrepreneurs. Each type will be more successful with a different approach and learning different skills. Which type are you? A study of some 4,000 highly successful entrepreneurs highlights some important, dare I say, critical behaviours and skills.  

Join this FREE webinar with Bob Hayward at 11:am on Thursday 11th January 2024 

  • Discover the most important habits and skills from a study of over 4,000 successful entrepreneurs.  
  • Learn about your likely entrepreneur style and how that changes your focus. 
  • Find out the approach required by the different stages of business maturity and growth. 

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About Bob Hayward 

Bob Hayward is a serial entrepreneur. He has started seven companies, in different industries, making each successful through delighting clients to produce very high levels of repeat business, and a huge number of regular referrals. He is now in huge demand as a Business Consultant and Senior Executive Coach with CEOs and directors of companies big and small from across the UK, Europe and as far away as Australia.



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