The Three Biggest Mistakes Good Salespeople Make

The Three Biggest Mistakes Good Salespeople Make

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One of the most expensive decisions we can make as a Business Owner or Sales Director is to hire a bad salesperson.

Another is to allow even yourself or your good salespeople to keep making critical mistakes. Yes, even good salespeople make mistakes and those mistakes cost you. Plenty of expensive warm qualified leads end up going nowhere. The time and effort your marketing and sales team put into those enquires along with the costs go to waste.

When you know what the root cause of a problem is – then it is much easier to fix it.

Join this FREE webinar with Martyn Sloman and Bob Hayward two of the UK’s Top Sales Trainers at 11:am on Thursday 7th March 2024.


  • The three BIGGEST mistakes most good salespeople make and how to stop making them.
  • How to have better control of prospect conversations
  • Why is it so important to positively, position any meeting agenda in Prospect’s self interest
  • Which questions are more likely to uncover a prospect’s genuine motives and their blockages

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About Bob Hayward

Bob Hayward is a serial entrepreneur. He has started seven companies, in different industries, making each successful through his exceptional Sales approach while delighting clients to produce very high levels of repeat business, and a huge number of regular referrals. He is now in huge demand as a Business Consultant and Senior Executive Coach with CEOs and Sales Directors of companies big and small from across the UK, Europe and as far away as Australia.

About Martyn Sloman AKA “The Non -Pushy Sales Trainer”

Martyn’s methods focus on positive, sometimes bold, yet buyer friendly techniques that people feel confident and comfortable using.

He was once an average salesperson who woke up in 1993 reaching 3rd amongst 450 salespeople. He and his team frequently hit 140% of plan. As a Consultant and Trainer since 2012 many of his client are enjoying breaking their own sales records. He is consistently re-hired by SMEs as well as brands such as Danone, Brandon Tool Hire and Roland because of his track record of success.

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