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Making Your Marketing More Effective - Free Webinar With Grant Leboff

Making Your Marketing More Effective  - Free Webinar With Grant Leboff

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Are you: 

• Underwhelmed with the results that your marketing achieves? 

• Unconvinced of the key drivers to having an effective marketing function? 

• Hesitant of the relationship between sales, marketing, social media & your brand, and how it all pieces together to positively grow your business? 

Grant Leboff is one of the U.K's leading sales and marketing experts with five top selling books. He is a frequently contributor to National TV, radio and newspapers, and has a history of making a huge impact with his own business and those of the clients he chooses to work with. 

In this webinar - Making Your Marketing More Effective – A Framework for Success, Grant will demystify marketing. Attendees will understand the inputs that produce an effective marketing function, how it pieces together, and how all the parts contribute to business success. 

In this session he will explore: 

• The difference between marketing and sales 

• How your website, social media and digital platforms fit in the marketing mix 

• The importance of brand 

• Lead generation activity and how that forms part of the marketing machine 

• The balance between long term and short-term communication and why it matters 

If you want to develop marketing strategies to thrive in an increasingly competitive world, then register for this webinar below. 

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