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Mastering the skill of coaching

Mastering the skill of coaching

Your style as a leader who coaches has a huge impact on the culture and climate of your team. That climate is a huge influence on the performance of your team.

If you want your team’s performance to improve then it makes sense for you to work on your coaching skills. Why?

  • Because effective coaching enables your team members to improve their skills, confidence, and performance.
  • Your coaching skills can improve employee morale 
  • Your style can directly impact productivity and the ultimate success of your team

Bob Hayward is a serial entrepreneur who has started seven different companies, in different industries making each successful through building successful teams – the largest reaching £13.6million in today’s terms. 

He is now in huge demand as a Business Consultant and Senior Executive Coach with CEOs and Directors of Companies big and small from across the UK, Europe and as far away as Australia.

In this FREE Webinar you will learn:

  • How Coaching Skills could transform your leadership and management style 
  • The law of stepping up
  • What an exceptional coach has, what they do and the ideal mindset 
  • Essential frameworks like GROW and IOUCHAP

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