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10 Steps To Building Profitable Business Relationships – A Free Webinar With Tracey Smolinski

10 Steps To Building Profitable Business Relationships – A Free Webinar With Tracey Smolinski

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You can’t operate a business without engaging people, and you cannot grow your company without establishing meaningful connections with others. While marketing efforts typically focus on brand positioning and the value of your services, few would argue that where there is no trust, there is no sale, and trust is most easily established through a personal relationship. 

How much of the following do you recognise: 

  • Developing deeper connections with prospects is not always easy 

  • Approaching prospects transactionally is off-putting 

  • Asking for personal referrals feels uncomfortable 

  • Starting a conversation with someone you cannot sell to is a waste of time 

In this webinar you will learn: 

  • How to increase the number of valuable referrals 

  • Techniques for creating deeper business relationships 

  • 10 proven strategies to create value in your business network 

  • Building mutual trust and success 

  • How to cultivate relationships every day 

One aspect of business development is about building long lasting relationships and developing more business, better suppliers and a network of referral partners. Effective networking involves many aspects, some obvious and some subtle.  

Tracey Smolinski is a serial entrepreneur, property investor, and founder of award-winning global business network Introbiz. She is also the author of Master Networking and creator of networking tool Fortune in the Follow Up.  Tracey will take you through her proven strategies in this webinar which will help you be more profitable and successful. 

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