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Sales Predictor App

Sales Predictor App

How useful would it be if you could identify the prospects that are most likely to become sales?

  • How many times have you had a number of prospects in the pipeline only to find that many of them come to nothing?
  • How useful would it be if you could identify the prospects that are likely to become sales?

The Sales Predictor App is designed to help you, the salesperson, calculate the probability of success in terms of a specific selling situation relating to a single project. While the Sales Predictor offers no guarantees, it makes use of a comprehensive range of professional criteria and, in benefiting from the world-wide expertise of leading sales trainers, introduces essential objectivity into what can be a very subjective process.

It provides you with a clear percentage score indicating where you can expect to be and what you can expect to achieve in respect of an individual client and, rather than spending time on fruitless outcomes, allows you to devote more attention to worthwhile prospects. Essentially, the Sales Predictor is a valuable tool that will assist you in avoiding dead ends and winning more sales. Simply choose from a selection of answers to key questions to find out how you score.

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