Your people are your most valuable resource, their skills and confidence attract or repel your prospects, clients, co-workers and suppliers. Effective training could make all the difference, turning your people into your competitive advantage.

The "Be More Effective" training and skill development approach can be applied to any number of needs or business imperatives. Some of the most popular courses are:

  • Field Sales Excellence - Mastering the Complex Sale – Empathy Selling
  • Tele-Sales Excellence – Making Appointment in a Digital Age – Turning inbound calls into sales
  • Customer Service Essentials – Customer Service Excellence
  • Lead People and Manage Things – Five Conversations for New Managers – Empathy Management
  • Performance Management – Time Management – Presentation Skills
  • Slingshot Business Simulation – Going for Profit - The 24 Hour Leadership Challenge

So if you want to bring about an immediate, sustainable change in performance in your organisation, talk to us first.

Which ever training programme you choose at the heart of a Be More Effective skills training and learning solution is a process which enables participants to become more effective immediately and then continues to sustain those improvements going forward.


Understanding what drives you and others be it; time management, planning, delegation, strategies for expansion, communication, leading and managing people, managing the business, innovation, is underpinned by meaningful solutions which are developed based on the identification of what you and your business needs. This is done by working with you to discover the reality of your business and people as they are now in comparison with accepted models of best practice for your business and leading psychometrics for your team.


The blended learning approach is flexible and very straightforward. It is a skill development and training approach which strengthens and magnifies inherent value in everyone’s input and output to deliver tangible results and visible benefits. Our focus is learning and development that works at a deeper level with values and principles not just technique, using tried and tested design, delivery and evaluation methodologies; to enhance and complement, to guide and coach in a way that’s practical, inspirational and challenging.

The methodologies include Brain Based Learning, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Emotional Intelligence, Empathy Styles and Jack Phillips/Kirkpatrick’s ROI and Evaluation methodology. You can experience Be More Effective training programmes in three ways:

  • Pre-designed solutions
  • Customised solutions
  • Bespoke solutions


In classroom delivered sessions everyone has the opportunity to practice the very things they need to be more effective at in a highly interactive, fun and relaxed work related environment where the participants are the main focus of ‘doing’ rather than the consultant or trainer.


And Be More Effective will stick with you… providing access to follow-up coaching via telephone and email to ensure the learning or process improvement is fully deployed and outcomes are achieved.

Return on Your Investment = Six times cost

Setting pre-coaching goals between our two businesses and with each of those taking part in the programme will help ensure the deployment of learning. The most impactful approach from a business results point of view is to agree a small number of KPIs for each person and a small number of names prospects and clients to development prior to or at the very beginning of the training programme.

One approach is to delegate an assignment to each person as part of the joining instructions to the whole process; this could set out a challenge to improve their Activity Levels, their KPIs and resultsWe calculate and set the individual challenges to generate six times the cost so that even if the team only achieve 50% of the planned result your ROI is still likely to be greater than 3:1, and most teams produce results in excess of the original challenge.

So if you want to bring about an immediate, sustainable change in performance in your organisation, talk to us first.