Attracting and retaining talent is a powerful competitive advantage. While the cost of getting it wrong can be anything from 50% to 150% of the annual salary in question according to PWC. 

As specialists in Search & Selection we only partner with clients. We do not work in behalf of candidates. We are not an employment agency. Our role is exclusively for the hiring company, to determine their requirements, leverage our expertise in head hunting and advertised search to secure for them the very best talent available. Our approach will significantly decrease the demand on your time, typically ten days of your time each time, so between £4,500 and £10,400 for most organisations; as well as significantly improving the quality of hire. 

So if you want to bring fresh A talent into your organisation without the drain on your time, talk to us first.

Person Description and Job Description

Talented people are as individual and distinctive as the roles that they play and the organisations that they serve. The first crucial element of Be More Effective’s approach to search and selection is to develop a laser sharp person description to sit alongside the job description – after all you want an ideal person, an A player,  and if you don’t know exactly who you are looking for, how are you going to find them? 

Advertised Search 

Placing carefully written and persuasive advertisements in specifically targeted on-line Job Boards and social media is one of the most efficient methods of attracting highly qualified candidates who are actively seeking a career move. Writing advertisements that work is a science along with knowing where to place them. You are best served by an approach that is wide ranging, fast and efficient. 

Executive Search 

The best talent are not always the ones actively looking for a new role and they are rarely out-of-work. Some research suggests that as much as 70% of people who are not actively looking, will consider moving when presented with a relevant opportunity. Identifying and securing those highly sought out individuals, not actively seeking a career move. This is a process centred on a thorough understanding of an your strategic objectives, defining your specific requirements and painstakingly researching the market to identifying a list of relevant high quality candidates before making a discrete approach. It’s subtle, confidential and extremely effective.

Candidate Profiling 

Personality profiling can improve the quality of recruitment effectiveness by 50% - Having developed a laser sharp ideal person profile all candidates will be filtered by their match to the ideal.  One of the major reason for new hire failures is “poor culture fit” profiling effectively will significantly reduce that risk. Testing can also quickly cover a broad range of technical skills proving (or disproving) candidates' claims against their CV and whether they have the expertise and understanding they claim to have. Profiling and testing prior to interview saves valuable time. 

Expert Video Interviews

We are experts in conducting rigorous structured competency-based interviews, focused on the specific set of skills, knowledge and experience you are looking for. All interviews are recorded on video. While each candidate is asked a set of exactly the same questions so you can compare their answers, the interviewer’s skill will probe different areas highlighted by the candidates employment history and interview responses. 


Great employee onboarding can improve new hire retention by 82%  and improve productivity in the first three months by over 70% - You benefit from our expertise in employee engagement and performance management because together we will develop an enhanced induction process to ensure your new hire gets off to the best possible start. 

So if you want to bring fresh A talent into your organisation without the usual drain on your time, talk to us first.