Non-Executive Director

Hiring a non-executive director for your business brings many benefits. It can be a crucial process that helps develop your business scale up and accelerate growth or launch into new opportunities.

What a great non-executive director can bring to your business:

  • They have experience
  • A fresh perspective
  • Connections that count
  • Holding the management team to account

Think Non-Exec – Think Bob Hayward

  • Bob has started seven of his own businesses taking six to £M turnover and since 1997 as Consultant has helped a number of businesses, big and small, find their feet, grow or survive tough times. If Bob hasn’t faced a specific situation before he will probably know someone who has.
  • While you and your co-directors will know your business intimately that also colours and limits your view. Bob’s broad commercial experience and deep insight into human psychology provide you with a fresh outlook on the opportunities and inefficiencies in your business. This helps ensure your business operates more successfully going forward.
  • While a successful business is a connected one, for a small business it can be time consuming to build a trusted network of valuable contacts. Bob can offer an address book of relevant high quality contacts; potential suppliers, distributors or gurus to add a new dimension to your company.
  • Many company boards become the victims of bad habits; missed agenda items, conversations being side tracked, and opinions being discounted. Having worked at Board level for enterprises large and small as well as creating successful businesses himself Bob has the character, confidence and skills to harness the talent of your team and provide a valuable source of accountability