Overall Consulting model

Diagnosis before Prognosis

Common Consulting Roles

Whether you are considering ways to reduce cost, improve performance / profitability, or influence behaviours to become more effective, you will need to begin with some form of enquiry.

We work with our clients collaboratively, holding the belief that neither party has the ‘silver bullet’ answer. Together we can use our combined expertise, knowledge and experience to find the best way forward for the organisation. This is achieved by employing a relational and appreciative approach rather than prescriptive or problem-finding approach.  

So if you want to bring about an immediate, sustainable change in performance in your organisation, talk to us first.

The BME Approach to Business Consultancy

While operating across the full spectrum of consultancy styles the most common roles for clients are:

  • Collaborative Role – together combining our joint knowledge and understanding of business to co-design and develop solutions that work for your organisation and people, for example a variation on the four Disciplines of Execution, or the 90 Day Sprint Planning process as performance management systems
  • Facilitator Role – here we make the process of discovery and development easy. Whether a one off event or a major business review our objectiveness, skills with people, deep knowledge of process and challenging clear thinking ensure full participation and full buy-in from everyone who is involved
  • Expert role – our deep expertise in establishing a clear direction and business plan along with the senior leaders to advise them on effective change strategy, internal change communications and handling of any resistance to change.
  • Pair-of-hands role – our ability to roll up our sleeves and help by doing some of the work for you, helping relieve those ‘pinch points’, delivering quality outputs with performance management and sales management while transferring capability to you at the same time.
  • Coach role – our experience in developing and managing business across several sectors along with a significant number of years recruiting, developing and nurturing talented people has honed an ability to turn potential into performance and sales results.

What this means in practice is a very flexible approach to the specific needs working across your business teams or departments to suit the different requirements they may have. So if you want to bring about an immediate, sustainable change in performance in your organisation, talk to us first.