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Welcome to the new normal – COVID19 and our response to the crisis is changing our world. Update and refresh your skills with expert-led free weekly webinars.

Choose one or more of these pivotal webinars. Invest 60 minutes each week to sharpen your skills, increase your options and improve your chances of making the most of this challenging time. All from the convenience of your office or your home and at no cost.

A crisis does NOT cause the collapse of a business, it merely exposes ineffective skills and faulty processes previously covered up or ignored. Use this time constructively to ensure you and your business come out of this situation stronger and more able to thrive. 

Which will you choose from the next series of webinars? 

Each is just 45 minutes with 15-minute Q&A. Long enough to provide you with some practical and pivotal ideas needed now. Short enough for you not to lose too much of that precious commodity, time. You can watch one a week and incorporate any changes you want to make in your approach, in your own time.

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These Key Skills Are Needed Now: 

How To Make Your Brand More Effective with Martin Warnes

Thursday 28th January 2021. 11:00 to 12:00 GMT

A company’s brand image/reputation is arguably it’s most valuable asset.

When a company’s brand image and brand design do NOT project the same impression, it causes confusion in the minds of prospects and customers. People do not know what to think and feel when the colours, fonts, signs, and logo conflict with each other.

When what people see – graphics: logo, colours, signs, promotion etc. all work effectively together then people understand and know what to think and feel.

Each company relies on for its branding to create success.

When your branding works effectively your company will become:

  • better understood for what it does and why it does it,
  • more easily recognised and remembered.
  • seen as distinctive and engaging,

... AND therefore, you are more likely to achieve your business goals.

This makes detailed research the most important factor in defining and creating a successful brand identity design.

In this Webinar, led by Martin Warnes, who has created over 300 brands for companies across the world, will cover the following:

  1. Does your brand design ‘mirror’ your company‘s brand image ?
  2. Do you have brand guidelines and are they consistent?
  3. Does your brand design work across all media?
  4. How colour can affect the brand image.
  5. What is your Brand Strategy?

Who is Martin Warnes?

Before starting his own specialist brand design company, Martin worked for the top creative agencies in London, Toronto and New York. He happened to be working in New York just at the moment ‘branding’ evolved from being about consumer durables into being about the company behind the brand, behavioural psychology and brand strategy. This altered every aspect of branding and ‘fired’ his ambition to become a leading exponent in this specialist field.

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Business and Finance Planning with the FD Centre

Thursday 4​th February 2021. 11:00 to 12:00 GMT

Join this session with The FD Centre, the world’s number one provider of part-time finance directors, to help you kickstart your financial plans for 2021. 

In this FREE Webinar Andy and Jeremy will cover

  • · How to get clear on your ‘why’ and what you really want from your business.
  • · How to reverse-engineer your business so that it generates the cash, profit and increased valuation that gives you real freedom and choice.
  • · How to plot your ‘Entrepreneur’s Journey’ in a way that’s underpinned by a financial plan that allows you to reach your goals in a much shorter time frame.

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Peeking Round The Corner: Strategic planning during a pandemic through scenario planning with Andrea Moffatt

Thursday 11th February 2021. 11:00 to 12:00 GMT

We’re living in and trying our best to cope with very turbulent times that impact our personal and work spaces. There’s talk of ‘a new normal’ and ‘when things get back to normal’, and even if any of this comes about, then we can ‘bet our bottom dollar’ that some new political, economic, social, technological, legal, environmental or ethical challenge is waiting for us just around the corner. So we’ve got to get better at strategic planning in such a way that we can respond, be more agile and resilient. If you agree with this, then that’s why this webinar is for you.

In this FREE Webinar Andrea will cover

  • about the VUCA model in relation to the strategic planning
  • the importance of re-balancing strategy in the light of the current pandemic and emerging situations
  • the need to factor-in stakeholders, and to create actions and communications plans

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Let's Keep Talking And Zoom To The Top with Helena Mitchell

Thursday 1​8th February 2021. 11:00 to 12:00 GMT

Helena is passionate about coaching business owners in order to increase their revenue, maximise their client connections and thrive by increasing vocal longevity, vocal health and presentation skills. Helena loves to use her skills and knowledge to not only connect with incredible people from across the globe, but to help businesses and business owners continue to succeed.

In this FREE Webinar Helena will cover

  • Learn how to be more confident online
  • Learn vocal exercises to help keep your best employee (your voice) strong and working for you no matter what
  • Learn tricks to engage your audience online
  • Learn how to successfully convey your message via your voice
  • Learn the power, benefit and secret of voiceover for your business

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2021 Programme will include: 

  • Tom Ziglar

  • Grant LeBoff

  • Bob Tieide

  • Arti Halai

  • Bob Hayward

  • Jim Hetherton

  • Kate Turner

  • And many more new faces and old favourites 


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Regular Speakers

Bob Hayward

Bob is the author of four Amazon Best Sellers, Persuade released in 2018;  #Remote Working! released in March 2020, Fit For Purpose Leadership 6 released in April 2020, and Pivot & Grow released in October 2020. He is a Growth Consultant and a Senior Executive Coach. Having started seven businesses, he now loves using his experience and the skills developed along the way to make growth happen for others. His clients include global giants like Unilever and BMW and industry disruptors like Sapphire Balconies and Fleet Check.

Jim Hetherton

Jim has over 30 years’ experience as a Keynote Speaker, Trainer, and Coach. While a Principal Consultant with Franklin Covey he led their expansion into the UK, he then went on to lead the expansion of an OnTrack international into the USA. His vast experience of busy, demanding and senior roles makes him an ideal source of inspiration and knowledge.

Richard Lock

Richard is an International Trainer, Speaker, Coach, and Facilitator with over 30 years of people development experience helping leaders achieve business goals and rejuvenate their management approach. He is known for being encouraging and supportive, making learning enjoyable whilst maintaining a clear focus on business goals and practical application.

Walter Blackburn

Walter is a well-respected authority in training and coaching after a 40-year career in the industry. He works with people at all levels helping them to gain greater skills, self-belief, motivation, and direction. His understanding of emotional intelligence in relationship building, influencing skills and leadership have won him clients and respect across the world

Kate Turner

Kate is the founder of Motivational Leadership, with over 20 years’ experience as a leadership development coach and trainer. Kate has experienced first-hand, the cost of leaders who ‘dig deep’ in order to reach their targets. Her command of a range of management and leadership tools enables her to offer her clients helpful frameworks to harness the energy and drive of all the individual members of your team

Guest Speakers

Tom Ziglar - 30th July

Tom Ziglar is the proud son of Zig Ziglar and the CEO of Ziglar, Inc. He joined the Zig Ziglar Corporation in 1987 and climbed from working in the warehouse, to sales, to management, and then on to leadership. Today, he speaks around the world; hosts The Ziglar Show, one of the top-ranked business podcasts; and carries on the Ziglar philosophy: "You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” His mission is to share the Ziglar message with billion-dollar companies, small-business owners, academic institutions and individuals, inspiring a whole new generation of successful professionals and people worldwide. 

Ken Keis - 13th August

Ken Keis, Ph.D. is an expert on leadership, purpose, wellness, and the foremost global authority on personality and behavioural assessments, that increase and multiply your success rate. Ken has co-created CRG's proprietary development models and written over 4 million words of content for 40 business training programs and 500+ articles. He is an expert on assisting individuals, families, teams, and organizations to realize their full potential and to live On Purpose!  An internationally known author, speaker, and consultant, in the past 32 years, Ken has conducted more than 3000 presentations and 10,000 hours of consulting and coaching. Dr. Keis is the author of Why Aren't You More Like Me?, Deliberate Leadership, and The Quest For Purpose!

Joel Weldon - 3rd September 

As a former construction worker who turned down a four-year college scholarship because he thought he wasn't smart enough to go to college, Joel Weldon is living proof of the power of one idea to transform your life! Today he's one of the most highly respected and sought-after motivational speakers in North America and has been an Idea Consultant and Sales Trainer to many of the world's leading organizations and businesses for over three decades. Joel is the only speaker to have earned all four of the highest honours in the speaking profession "for his profound impact on corporate America"

Grant LeBoff - 29th October

Grant Leboff is one of the U.K’s leading Sales and Marketing experts. His fourth book, ‘Digital Selling’, debuted at #1 on the Amazon charts prior to being published in September 2016. Having built a successful direct marketing company, which he started in 2002 and sold in 2008; he is a thought leader in his field. Leboff’s main focus is to address the massive changes that are taking place in a world that is constantly being introduced to new technologies. He continually challenges Sales & Marketing conventions that become accepted wisdom but don’t necessarily deliver results. He is a highly sought-after consultant, a regular contributor to many leading business magazines, newspapers, radio and TV shows, and an international speaker constantly makes presentations at conferences and events all over the world.

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