It all starts with the first question.

If people truly make sense and create new meanings through the informal conversations they have about an organisation, their experiences of it and how others act within it, then the simple act of asking questions will stimulate conversations that can initiate ‘changes’ in peoples perception.

We do not treat an enquiry as a precursor to taking action, by its very nature enquiry is an intervention and we therefore take great care when working with you to define the focus of the enquiry to fit the context of organisation and the anticipated transition being sought.

“Since we are likely to produce more of what we ask about, we should take care in selecting that in which we choose to inquire, as it will change our lives.”
Sarah Lewis, Appreciative Inquiry for change management, Kogan Page (2008)

Relational versus Prescriptive

Whether you are considering ways to reduce cost, improve performance / profitability, or influence behaviours to become more effective, you will need to begin with some form of enquiry.

We work with our clients collaboratively, holding the belief that neither party has the ‘silver bullet’ answer, but together we can use our combined expertise, knowledge and experience to find the best way forward for the organisation.

We employ a relational rather than prescriptive approach.  So if you want to bring about an immediate, sustainable change in performance in your organisation, why not talk to us first.

What might you gain from a simple conversation?