Your vision

Every successful organisation or project has a vision. Developing the strategy is one thing. Making it happen is no easy task. To turn your vision into reality, every single employee needs to catch your train of thought.

Forward as one

You have a company-wide message to deliver that you need to have accepted and understood by your people. Will everyone understand it? Will some try to undermine it? Everyone involved needs to understand the vision, feel part of it, be motivated by it and pull together to achieve it. Are you confident that enough of your people are on board with your key initiatives?

All aboard

We all perceive the same things in different ways so whether you have 1,000 or 300,000 people one major challenge is getting everyone on board, engaging your peoples’ hearts and minds; making sure you leave no one standing at the station! Your ideas, however complex, have to be translated into simple engaging formats and forums to get people involved, inspired and behaving differently; embedded into events, activities and communication materials to connect everyone with the building blocks of your thinking in a very powerful way; from the top to the bottom and back to the top again. A democratic and interactive approach delivers both a rapid and a sustained behaviour change.

You’re in the driving seat

It starts with you and your message. To which is added a clearly defined process, our unique communication process, because apart from that everything we do is based on you, your organisation, your issues and your objectives. We help you to shape the message and create an internal communication tools and events which will ensure your message will be understood perfectly and put into action consistently by all of your people.

Pull not push

The best influencing process is pull not push. Most communication initiatives are created as a broadcast, as a push. If a message is pushed out, most people duck. An engagement strategy has to make use of the pull influencing process to really engage people.

Our process works because it is a genuine attempt to connect with each individual in your organisation that demonstrates respect for what the listener thinks and what he or she has to say. Those that need to understand and absorb your key message do most of the work. Not senior management and definitely not external consultants.

Big or small

Our process enables you to deliver a consistent message and engage many people simultaneously, more quickly and more effectively than ever before – even on a global scale. When you engage people through this Optimal Process of Communication, something is born in your peoples’ hearts and minds that can be nourished and developed whether you’re an organisation of 1,000 or 300,000.