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be more effective at... Sales, Customer Service; Leading People, Managing the Business, Personal Management and Change.

The solutions demystify the sales process, get straight to the heart of why buyers buy and deliver immediate improvements.

Bid Presentation Coaching
Do you have to do more bid presentations these days? Are some of your bid team members not used to dealing with clients or presenting?

Face to Face Sales
Do you have to win business in face to face meetings..?

Key Account Development
Are you an experienced sales executive who is being asked to target and develop specific accounts..?

Winning Business by Phone
Do you have to win business by phone? Having trouble with gate-keepers? Do you have to overcome negative prospects?

Writing Successful Proposals
Do you have to write or contribute to proposals, tenders or bid to win business..?

Negotiation Skills
Do you feel that sometimes you start out from a losing position..? Can you change negotiation style easily part way through..?

Empathy Selling
We all do things in different ways. We all communicate in different ways. Just consider how the different in communication style between your boss and a grandparent.

Sales Management
Sales managers exist to get a sales team to achieve and exceed targets. Enhancing your sales management skills will directly impact sales performance.

Leading People
Some would say Leadership is about anticipation, some would say it's about decision making in the moment. Either way without leadership, most teams, and most companies will fail.

Influencing Skills
Do you lead, manage or supervise others..? Do you find it a challenge to get everything you need from suppliers, sub-contractors or colleagues..?

Coaching Skills
Do you want to get the very best from your team or individuals? Do you need to improve overall performance?

Delegation Skills
As a manager, supervisor or team leader the ability to delegate effectively is one of the most important management skills. Do you often feel it would be easier and quicker to do things yourself..?

Performance Management
As Managers, Supervisors or Team Leaders you often face the challenge of managing other people and their performance. Do you feel confident in those situations and conversations?

The 24 Hour Leadership Challenge
Can you get people to follow you? How easy is it for you to combine the strengths of others into an effective unit? What about keeping an eye on the big picture as well as the detail?

Managing the Business
Our leading edge management training solutions are focused on developing managerial excellence.

Behavioural & Competency Interviewing Skills
Are you involved in recruitment and selection? Can finding the right candidate sometimes be difficult?

Effective Appraisals
If you are a manager, supervisor or team leader who needs to appraise performance on a day-to-day or regular basis, this is an essential for you.

Managing Grievance & Disciplinary Cases
Are you involved in managing grievance and disciplinary cases? Do you, like most managers, hate taking disciplinary action and dread a grievance claim?

Business Leadership for Managers
Do you have the responsibility to plan, lead or implement the business plan? Are you responsible for the success of the marketing and sales strategy?

Marketing - Drive your business forward
Do you have the responsibility to plan and implement a marketing and sales strategy? Are you responsible for delivering volume and profit despite tough trading conditions?

Personal Management
A broad range of personal effectiveness solutions are packed with up-to-date approaches that will provide you with improved confidence and capability to enrich your natural talent.

Essential Project Management
Are you involved in or have to initiate new projects? Are you attempting to optimise the plan allocation and integration of multiple resources, time and budgets to meet pre-defined objectives?

Advanced Project Management
Are you involved in increasingly complex project planning and implementation? Does your existing formalised project management and programme methodology need updating?

Do you want to project a more positive and confident manner? Do you have team members who need to express themselves more effectively?

Time Management
Do you find you are busy - busy - busy and yet you never get around to doing the things you really wanted to..? Not enough hours in the day..?

Customer Service
Exciting new solutions coming soon

Our suite of change management solutions deal head on with the key challenges of change.

Internal Communication
Do you have responsibility for planning and implementing internal communication? Do you have an important or difficult message you need to cascade?

Creating Employee Engagement & Involvement
Do you need everyone in your organisation to be capable of delivering sustained differentiation and a competitive advantage?

Leading and Managing Change
Do you have the responsibility for implementing and leading change initiatives for your organisation..?

Clients that we've worked with.

Testimonials from our clients.

Case studies
Case studies from some of our clients.

One of our major UK clients is BMW (UK) Limited. Their initial brief was to successfully launch and deliver a range of certification courses for BMW and MINI sales executives.

Cancer Research
Working with the 4th largest charity in the UK with over 200 shops raising money to fund research was about to embark on a major strategic change.

DHL Exel Logistics
This project was for one of the main divisions specialising in retail operations for a major UK brand.

We were asked by one divisional director to create a solution which would bring his new department together and get everyone focused quickly on the tough operational goals.

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